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Institute of Information Technology & Enabled Services

Website Development Training

Learn website designing the easiest and fastest way. Current Website designing technologies will be taught. Learn about the component which makes up a website. Learn to research the internet for contents and publish website on the internet.

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Become a Professional Web Developer in just six months .

Topics to learn in Website Development Training

HTML, CSS, Java Script.
JQuery, PHP, MySql.
SEO, Web Server, CMS (Wordpress / Joomla).
Photoshop & Photo Editing Techniques.

Career in web designing.

Do you consider yourself innovative and creative among others?
Do you have brain storming in you?
Do you have a burning desire for creativity?
Do you take pride in your work?
Do you enjoy learning and researching?
If you answer yes to all of these questions, IITES is the place for you! We are always interested in training you. More than anything we teach attitude and mould you in a professional.