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Computer Hardware & Networking Course

A career in "Computer Hardware and Networking" has become a very good career option for those who are looking out to grab a job in either public or private sector or start a business of their own .

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Computer Hardware & Networking.
Computer hardware is the combination of different physical parts of a computer. Networking involves linking a group of two or more computer systems for the purpose of sharing information and data. The professionals associated with this discipline are known as hardware and networking engineers. Presence of Indian and foreign IT majors in the country has created a lot of scope for youths in this sector.

Computer Hardware & Networking Course Requirements
A science background in the plus-two level is preferred for students willing to enroll in computer hardware courses. For computer networking course, a degree or diploma in computer science, electronics, electrical and telecommunication is required.

Career Prospects
Recent surveys have revealed that the electronics and hardware sector in India is expected to grow above the $60 billion. Computer Hardware and Networking is projected to be one of the fastest growing occupations. A Hardware and Networking professional can find employment in public and private sector. Hardware developing companies are the favoured place for most of the Hardware engineers.

They can seek to be employed in corporate houses, industries, public sector undertakings. All public and private sector banks, financial institutions, school and collages also require the service of Hardware and Networking experts. Besides they can be self-employed by starting their own Hardware assembling firm. He can also run consultancy to develop hardware according to the requirements of the clients. Teaching in technical educational institutions is also a very good option.