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Pagemaker Training

Adobe Pagemaker is a computer program used to create professional-quality publications. You can create a wide variety of publications in PageMaker®, from simple one-page flyers to complex reports. Your can build publications from scratch, or take advantage of hundreds of templates that you can modify to suit your needs. Quickly lay out publications by creating frames to hold text and graphics, applying master pages to apply different page designs within a single publication, and using layers to set up a single file for multiple versions of a publication.

Pagemaker Training

Pagemaker Classes Cover

Getting started with Pagemaker
Building publications in Pagemaker
Building multi-page publications
Including graphics & objects
Applying character formatting in Pagemaker
Applying paragraph formatting
Using styles and the Pagemaker library
Working with templates in Pagemaker
Using type effects
Formatting graphics
Applying layers
Working with Tables
Working with long documents
Printing publications