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MS Office Training

Microsoft Office is powerful and popular application software that is used around the world for preparing documents, creating business / financial reports, creating presentations and many more applications. Main components of the package include MSWord, MS Excel, MS Power Point and MS Access.

Microsoft Office

Generally, this program imparts specialization in the following fields:-

MS Word

Introduction to MS Word, Working with Documents, Formatting Documents, Creating Tables, Drawing, Tools , Printing Documents

MS Excel

Introduction to Spreadsheet & its Applications, Working with Spreadsheets, Formatting Spreadsheets, Working with sheets, Creating Charts, Using Tools, Printing worksheet

MS Powerpoint

Introduction to Powerpoint, Creating a presentation, Formatting a presentation, Adding Graphics to the presentation, Adding effects to the presentation, Printing Handouts, Generating standalone presentation viewer

MS Access

Introduction to Access, Opening & Saving database files, Creating Queries, Creating Forms, Creating & printing reports