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DCA - Diploma in Computer Application

With the growing demand of computers and the role it plays in our life, it has become indispensable. Be it home, office, playground, parks, etc. you will find computers next to you. The innovation in this arena has made a growing demand for computer literacy.

Professional teachers with a sound understanding of computer applications are here to meet your learning requirements. The course Diploma in computer applications (DCA) has been designed to meet the requirements of students, working people, parents, business mens. It has been designed for aspirants who want to enhance their knowledge in the applications of computer.

DCA Classes

Generally, this program imparts specialization in the following fields:-

Computer Basics

Introduction to the computer. Parts of the computer. What is operating system. Introduction to the windows. Control panel, Accessories, Programs.

MS Office Applications

MICROSOFT WORD - Creating, saving, opening and editing a document.
MS EXCEL - Creating, saving, opening and editing a spread sheet.
MS POWER POINT - Creating, saving, opening and editing a presentation.
MS PAINT - Creating, saving, opening and editing a drawing.

Internet Basics

Introduction to the internet, the world web wide, browser and web sites. Opening & browing the web site. Sending & reciving email. Chatting on internet, Searching the information with search engines.

Anti Virus and Security(Firewalls)

Introduction to virus, trojans, worms, malware, spyware, security breach. Preventive methods and Anti virus programs for protection. Securing your computer from illegal access, preventing unwanted information access and illegal popups / pages from internet through firewall restrictions.