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C, C++, DS - Programming Classes

The C Programming Language is the foundation of nearly all modern computer languages. C is a “low level” simple language that can be used to create the most elegant of applications and operating systems. Most of today’s commercial applications and operating systems have the C language at their core.

C, C++, DS - Programming Classes
C Programming Classes Topics
Introducing C
Introduction, Short History of C, C on Windows, Testing Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition, C on Linux, What a Compiler Is
First Steps
Hello World, Entering The Program Pt.1, Entering The Program Pt.2, Compile & Run, Examine Each Line, First Program Assignment, First Program Answer
Types/Operators & Expressions
Types/Operators & Expressions, Variable Names, Data Types & Sizes, Constants, Declarations, Arithmetic Operators, Relational & Logical Operators Pt.1, Relational & Logical Operators Pt.2, Type Conversions, Increment & decrement Operators, Bitwise Operators, Assignment Operators & Expressions, Conditional Expressions, Precedence & Order of Evaluations
Control Flow
Control Flow, Statements & Blocks, If-Else, Else-If Pt.1, Else-If Pt.2, Switch, Loops - While, Loops - For, Loops - Do-While, Break & Continue, Goto & Labels
Functions & Program Structure
Functions & Program Structure, Basics of Functions Pt.1, Basics of Functions Pt.1, Functions Returning Non-integers, External Variables, Scope Rules, Header Files, Static Variables Pt.1, Static Variables Pt.2, Register Variables, Block Structure, Initialization, Recursion, The C Preprocessor
Pointers & Arrays, Pointers & Arrays
Pointers & Addresses Pt.1, Pointers & Addresses Pt.2, Pointers & Function Arguments, Pointers & Arrays, Address Arithmetic, Character Pointers & Functions, Pointer Arrays/Pointers to Pointers, Multi-dimensional Arrays, Initialization of Pointer Arrays, Pointers vs. Multi-dimensional Arrays, Command-line Arguments, Pointers to Functions, Complicated Declarations
Structures, Basics of Structures Pt.1, Basics of Structures Pt.2, Structures & Functions, Arrays of Structures, Pointers to Structures, Typedef, Unions, Bit-fields
Input & Output
Input & Output, Standard Input & Output, Formatted Output-Printf Pt.1, Formatted Output-Printf Pt.2, Variable Length Argument Lists, Formatted Input Scanf, File Access, Error Handling Stderr & Exit, Line Input & Output, Miscellaneous Functions
Using C on the Web
Using C on the WWW With CGI, Basics of CGI Pt.1, Basics of CGI Pt.2, Preparing For C & CGI Pt.1, Preparing For C & CGI Pt.2, Hello World on CGI, Functions For C on WWW, Writing A Form For CGI Pt.1, Writing A Form For CGI Pt.2, Writing A Form For CGI Pt.3, Display & Use Environment Vars Pt.1, Display & Use Environment Vars Pt.2
The UNIX System Interface
The UNIX System Interface, Low Level I/O Read & Write, Open/Create/Close/Unlink, Random Access Lseek
Input & Output
Input & Output Pt.1, Input & Output Pt.2, File I/O & Character I/O, Direct I/O & Error Handling, Character Class Tests, String Functions Pt.1, String Functions Pt.2, Math & Utility, Diagnostics/Arg Lists & Signals Pt.1, Diagnostics/Arg Lists & Signals Pt.2, Date & Time Functions Pt.1, Date & Time Functions Pt.2, Defined Limits.