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Oracle DBA Training

Oracle DBA Track is designed to provide IT professionals with an in-depth understanding of the basic features of Oracle including architecture, database management, schema management, transaction management and security. During this course, candidates will gain experience with a variety of Oracle tools including Sql Developer, Database Control, Sql Loader, etc.

This course is designed for the IT professional and Freshers B.E, B.Tech, MCA, MSC, Bsc, Graduates who wants to learn the concepts and architecture of Oracle. he student should have basic SQL programming and relational database concepts before enrolling in this training.

Topics Covered Oracle DBA Training

The following things present a prioritized approach for learning designing, implementing, and maintaining an Oracle Database

Oracle DBA Training
  • Evaluate the Database Server Hardware
  • Install the Oracle Software
  • Plan the Database
  • Create and Open the Database
  • Back Up the Database
  • Enroll System Users
  • Implement the Database Design
  • Back Up the Fully Functional Database
  • Tune Database Performance

As the database administrator, you install the Oracle database server software and any front-end tools and database applications that access the database. In some distributed processing installations, the database is controlled by a central computer (database server) and the database tools and applications are executed on remote computers (clients). In this case, you must also install the Oracle Net components necessary to connect the remote machines to the computer that executes Oracle.

Generally the classes are available in morning or evening, to fit your schedule. Learn at a self paced speed.