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Institute of Information Technology & Enabled Services

C#.Net - Software Development

Welcome to IITES, Computer Institute in Ranchi. The best place for Software Development Training in Ranchi, as we are into software development services we offer training on our ongoing projects for computer graduates.

There are almost no performance issues between Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET. Visual C# .NET may have a few more "power" features such as handling unmanaged code. It is easier for C++/Java programmers to use Visual C# .NET

Our C#.NET curriculum is the industry's most in-depth hands-on exposure to the Microsoft platform. The starting point for devel opers familiar with OOP principles is Essential .NET which covers the framework architecture, type system,delegates, threading and other topics necessary to develop for the .NET Framework.

Topics covered in C#.Net
      Command Line
ASP.Net & Sql Server With
      .Net Framework 4
      Visual Studio 2010

C#.Net - Software Development