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Joomla - Open Source CMS

Joomla is open source framework, based on php / mysql for content management system. It has a strong admin panel with a lot of functionalities and provides much more attributes than other CMS based frameworks. Joomla is one of the most demanded technology in the web development arena in today’s date. It provides a complete, powerful and effective website solution. Almost in every web development companies there is a Joomla project going on. Even the MNCs have started working with Joomla. Learning Joomla would be a great scope to enter into the IT world within short timespan.

Joomla Training & Classes in Ranchi

Topics Covered in - Joomla - Open Source CMS

  • Basic Knowledge of Joomla as a MVC framework.
  • Set up and installation of Joomla.
  • Coding and file structure.
  • Database connectivity and handling.
  • Working with Admin panel.
  • Different tools used in Joomla.
  • Installing and customizing themes and plugins.
  • How to redesign Joomla website
  • Adding Theme Functions, Menus and Sidebars
  • Module Installation
  • Component Installation
  • Implementing SEO perspectives
  • Creating a Website With Joomla