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ASP - Active Server Pages

ASP.NET is a new ASP generation. It is not compatible with Classic ASP, but ASP.NET may include Classic ASP. ASP.NET pages are compiled, which makes them faster than Classic ASP. ASP.NET pages have the extension .aspx, and are normally written in VB (Visual Basic) or C# (C sharp). When a browser requests an ASP.NET file, the ASP.NET engine reads the file, compiles and executes the scripts in the file, and returns the result to the browser as plain HTML.

ASP.NET Training & Classes

Topics Covered in - ASP - Active Server Pages

  • MVC Intro, MVC Application, MVC Folders, MVC Layout, MVC Controllers, MVC Views, MVC Database, MVC Models, MVC Security, MVC HTML, Helpers MVC, Publish MVC, Reference.
  • » WebForms
  • WebForms Intro, WebForms Pages, WebForms Controls, WebForms Events, WebForms Forms, WebForms ViewState, WebForms TextBox, WebForms Button, WebForms Data Binding, WebForms ArrayList, WebForms Hashtable, WebForms SortedList, WebForms XML Files, WebForms Repeater, WebForms DataList, WebForms DbConnection, WebForms Master Pages, WebForms Navigation, WebForms Examples.
  • » SQL Server a prerequisite to PHP Database connectivity.
  • Before you go ahead with learning database connectivity make sure you know about SQL database.